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Thursday, 4 December 2014

We meet again...

So, I'm ill again. Joy(!)

The doctor has given me Prednisolone again, and Amoxicillin to help clear up the infection. It was quite convenient actually; the doctor did a phone consultation on Wednesday and wrote up a prescription for my mum to collect while I ached and coughed and wheezed at home. We were given instructions to go in if I wasn't better in a couple of days, and to go to hospital if I got worse. thankfully we haven't had to do the latter yet, but unfortunately I'm not better and should probably go in and get my chest listened to and my sats checked to see where I'm at…maybe tomorrow.

The ironic thing? This all kicked off on Wednesday, exactly a week before my scheduled flu jab. FFS lungs, could you not have held your stuff together for 1 more week?! (I know, indirect quote from TFIOS, I apologise, but it's true!)

One thing to remember, people, is that flu and RSV are rampant this time of year. While flu may just knock a healthy person off for a day or two, it's unlikely to be serious. However, it's a different story entirely for people with cancer, diabetes, asthma, COPD etc.. In families where a few people have different problems, or where there is contact with high-risk people, the issue doesn't just lie with the person who gets infected. 

For instance, my mum has diabetes and eosinophilic bronchitis. I have asthma. My grandma has COPD and is on immunosuppressants. If I get infected with, say, the flu virus over the holidays, then I could get very ill. I don't just mean really achy and tired and stuffy for a day or two, I mean it could turn into full-on pneumonia, or I could go into respiratory arrest. Not only that, but I would be bringing the virus home to my mum who could catch it and have serious, potentially fatal complications. If I went to visit my grandma, it could be the infection that kills her. Seriously.

Anyway, that was depressing. True, but depressing. So here's a picture of a snowman from the internet to cheer you up: