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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Where am I at?

I apologise profusely for the distinct lack of posts recently. I've been super busy, my Grandma recently went back into hospital and had to have an operation (which is risky for an elderly lady, especially one with health problems), and I'm fast coming to the realisation that my AS exams start pretty soon and I don't feel ready to pass them. I've also been catching up on the mountain of Music and Spanish and Biology work I had. I have also had concerts and rehearsals as well…so I haven't had much time, energy or drive to post. Sorry.

So, where am I?

I had my appointment at the hospital a couple of weeks ago. He didn't give much indication as to what he was thinking but he ordered the full panel of bloods (Chromogranin A, bone profile, CRP, FBC, renal functions, AKI, fasting gut hormone etc. etc. etc.) that he ordered last time. He ordered a colonoscopy with gastroscopy (or as he so delicately put it, "one in both ends"). Then he went into another room and the nurse came in holding a box of something called 'MoviPrep'.


Ohh. I see.

Oh crap. Erm. Literally.

For those of you who haven't come across MoviPrep before, what it basically is is a special laxative to prepare your bowel for colonoscopy. Yes, a laxative. And a relatively strong one at that. It comes in a box in the form of 2 sachets labelled 'A' and 2 sachets labelled 'B', and the day before the procedure you have to drink two preparations (an 'A' sachet and a 'B' sachet mixed together) which will ensure you stay within 2 metres of a toilet. Lovely, right?

So that will be on Wednesday 11th February, with a day of fasting on Tuesday 10th February so..joy of joys.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. I'm sure it won't be that bad and hey, I get O2 to help me breathe so..just so long as I don't over-respond to the sedative, it should be all good.

More posts to come!


Happy New Year!


(Just so you know, that video is not me, mine or related to me. I just thought it mildly amusing…poor neighbour though!)