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Thursday, 6 November 2014

It's just been one of those days...

Here's a song which really captures my mood right now:

It's by a country singer called Brad Paisley, and it's a brilliant and touching song about realising what you've got and how bad things could be. Of course, you have to pity yourself sometimes. Just a little bit, get some 'you' time in. But most of the time, we complain about things that aren't really so significant in the scheme of things.

And every day I listen to this song, as a reminder of how lucky I actually am.

I was lucky, when my aunt was diagnosed with a terminal recurrence of breast cancer a year-and-a-half ago now, that I had the chance to see her for a while before she died.

I was lucky, when my puppy ate 6 ibuprofen AND the foil packaging, that we got him to the vets in time and he didn't suffer any organ damage, or even death.

I was lucky that my appendix was taken out when it was, and the tumour was found before it grew and grew and spread.

I was lucky that my test results came back fine.

I was lucky in the hospital the other night that I wasn't having a severe asthma attack or a life-threatening reaction.

I am so so so so so lucky that I don't have tumours any more as far as we know.

I am lucky to have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, iPad, iPod, high-quality stage piano, top-range earphones.

I am lucky to have a good education with teachers who respect me and classmates I can work with.

I am lucky that I have a house, and family, and two amazing dogs, and lots of amazing friends.

But above all, I am lucky lucky lucky to be alive right now.