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Sunday, 19 October 2014

College.. i.e. BAM

1.5 months into college life now..and it's going well!

I'm doing Biology, Chemistry, Spanish and Music at A-Level. I have a friend doing Biology, Maths, German and Music at A-Level. People look at her subjects and say, "You should be a speech therapist!".
They look at mine, and they say, "What a weird combination!"
Cheers, helpful people!

Starting at a new college in a new city with a new bus and somewhere in the region of 2,300 students, of which you know..5, is exactly how it sounds; flipping terrifying.

The first two weeks or so consisted of classes with mute students and teachers making a lot of effort to get us to make human sounds. We had ice-breakers in the first lessons, in everything except tutor (which happened in the fourth week), and although they were fun and helpful, I still don't know the names of the people I am sat next to in my lessons (sorry, I lied to you all, I can't remember your names really!) and I muddle along by making noises in their directions until I get their attention. I do have friends though!

My tutor ice-breaker was..well, interesting. We were shown a picture of a cartoon chicken and split into groups of about four each. In our groups, we had to name the chicken using an amalgamation of all of our names (Nicolizaria was the result of ours, we think it sounds like a disease) and then we had to make a story about it, which couldn't include references to KFC, Chicken Run or the chicken crossing the road. Our tutor, PM, left us to it, so we had a bit of fun: our chicken was supposed to be getting a plane from Vietnam to Moss Side in Manchester, but halfway through the flight realised he was on the wrong one and was headed to the Democratic Republic of Congo..when he got there, he was kidnapped by Hagrid and taken to his mobile home in the DRC, where he was knocked out, and when he woke up he was in a bubble bath with PM.
Not bad, for five minutes, and quite amusing for us.

Our tutor stopped us all and asked us to read them out. He seems 'sound' enough, but making those kind of references..well, we didn't know how far we could go. We looked at each other and immediately said, "I'm not reading it out!"

Eventually, it was read out and taken in good jest (phew!), so all's well.

Lessons are great, and bus times might be stupid but hey, can't help that!

I can't say it's all been bunnies and roses. But so far, things are looking up.
Right up.

~Liz x